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December, 2014

Group Therapy

“The day that Dave Debronkart learned he had Stage 4 kidney cancer, his doctor handed him a prescription slip. On it, he’d scribbled ACOR.org. Within 11 minutes of submitting his first post to the Association of Cancer Online Resources, deBronkart, a software marketer in Nashua, N.H., received recommendations for top specialists–with links included–from patients on the site’s kidney-cancer list. Within half an hour, an e-mail arrived from an ACOR member suggesting which scans might be appropriate and offering details about interleukin-2, the only treatment at the time that resembled a cure. “This is scary, terrifying,” wrote another respondent, “but this list offers a lot of hope”.”

Bonnie Rochman, Time, 8 February 2010

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