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December, 2014



Medical and Care Compunetics is the field concerned with the social, societal and ethical implications of computing and networking. (COMPUting & Networking, its EThICs and Social/societal implications). ICMCC introduced the concept of compunetics and has been the first to apply it, more specifically in the area of medicine and care.

Where it all gets together

ICMCC will serve as the central meeting place for exchanging information on all aspects related to medical and care compunetics and for all those concerned. Doctors as well as researchers, industry professionals (medical, pharmacy, ICT) as well as patients, care givers and policy makers and insurers will find the ICMCC an ideal organisation to meet with people and to exchange plans and ideas. But it will also be a platform for the latest developments both in science and in industry as well as a splendid meeting place for all types of institutions and organisations.

Knowledge Centre


  • that the "right of information" is becoming an elementary aspect of modern society,
  • that the internet will become and partially already is the leading source of information,
  • that a large part of this information is non-information,
  • that especially in medicine and care this might become a serious danger to the safety of the patient,

ICMCC aims:

  • to create an inventory of the available information, including non-Western and other complimentary sources;
  • to set up ways to structure the available information;
  • to set up ways to validate the information;
  • to make this information more easily accessible to both patients and professionals;
  • to provide links to further (scientific) information on both patient and professional level;
  • to provide this access in an independent, un-biased way;
  • to provide this access on a global scale and for free;
  • to create international centers of excellence to coordinate ongoing research and development on an international scale for specific medical and care compunetics subjects, as well as to fill in existing gaps in research and developments in those specific areas;
  • to set up various information and discussion platforms;
  • to create an international centre of expertise;
  • to set up a system of e-learning courses aiming at both patients and professionals;
  • to collaboration with all organizations involved in the area of medical and care compunetics, be it regional, national or global.

Millenium Goals and Sustainability

Creating knowledge inventories will make knowledge sustainable. With its goals ICMCC underlines most of the Millennium Goals, more specifically:

  • Education for all;
  • Sustainability of knowledge and information;
  • Global partnerships for development.

ICMCC will be:

  • Patient/user-focused (rather than provider- or technology-focused);
  • Interdisciplinary (not uni-disciplinary);
  • Participatory (rather than transmissive);
  • Cross cultural (taking account of cultural differences);
  • Non institutional (concerned with home, community or personal applications); and
  • Innovative (related to novel or leading-edge applications).

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