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December, 2014

activities of daily

Non-invasive monitoring of the activities of daily living of elderly people at home – a pilot study of the usage of domestic appliances

Franco, Georgina Corte et al, J Telemed Telecare, 14(5)

We conducted a feasibility study of a system for non-invasive monitoring of subjects at home. Electrical activity was recorded from room lights and from electrical domestic appliances; this was translated into the probability of physical activity or a particular Activity of Daily Living (ADL). Thirteen volunteer subjects were monitored for a period of 6.4 months (range 3-8).
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User-Based Motion Sensing and Fuzzy Logic for Automated Fall Detection in Older Adults

Boissy, Patrick et al, Telemedicine and e-Health. December 2007, 13(6)

Fall detection and early medical response are challenging and promising aspects of home healthcare for older adults. A two-step algorithm for falls analyzed accelerometer data for 750 test events and found significance limits for body trunk angle change as well as falls. Automated detection of falls based upon motion sensing and fuzzy logic can be based upon evidence-derived rules.
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