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December, 2014

hong kong

A survey of older Hong Kong people’s perceptions of telecommunication technologies and telecare devices

Lai CK et al, Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 16(8)

We investigated how older Hong Kong people perceive the application of telecommunication technologies in products that could enhance their safety at home. The telecare devices in the present study were: (1) the Personal Emergency Link Service (PELS), a 24-hour personal emergency link service; (2) a home-based non-intrusive motion monitoring system; and (3) a wearable vital signs monitoring system. Data were collected from a convenience sample of 368 elderly persons aged 65 years or above from 15 District Elderly Community Centres in Hong Kong, through a structured questionnaire administered during face-to-face interviews by trained interviewers.
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Experiences Sharing of Implementing Template-Based Electronic Medical Record System (TEMRS) in a Hong Kong Medical Organization

Ting, S. L. et al, Journal of Medical Systems, 2010

This paper aims to investigate the efficacy and feasibility of Template-based Electronic Medical Record System (TEMRS) and factors for its successful implementation. A TEMRS was designed and implemented in one core clinic of a Hong Kong professional multi-disciplinary medical services provider with four core clinics located in different parts of Hong Kong. Eight doctors participated in the study. Surveys and interviews were conducted to acquire the users’ feedback and satisfaction level. The design, development, and the factors related to the success of the implementation of TEMRS were analyzed.
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Online Health Information Seeking Behavior in Hong Kong: An Exploratory Study

Yan, Yuk Yee, Journal of Medical Systems, online first

This is an exploratory study that described the prevalence and patterns of internet health information seeking in Hong Kong. A convenient sample of 443 individuals completed the questionnaires. Only 44% (N  = 195) of the respondents were identified as health surfers. Health surfers tended to be younger females (age group 20-29) and have higher education. Digital divide was evident by age and education. Professional health sites (78.0%) were the majority sites visited.
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