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December, 2014

information services

Sharing Clinical Data Electronically A Critical Challenge for Fixing the Health Care System

Adler-Milstein J, Jha AK. JAMA, 307(16)

The United States is undertaking an ambitious effort to wire the health care system. The goal is to build a nationwide information infrastructure to serve as the foundation for large and sustained improvements in performance. Widespread adoption of health information technology will support new care delivery models, such as patient-centered medical homes, alongside broader initiatives, such as performance reporting and public health surveillance.
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Health information on the Internet: accessibility, quality, and readability in English and Spanish

Berland GK et al, JAMA, 285(20)

Despite the substantial amount of health-related information available on the Internet, little is known about the accessibility, quality, and reading grade level of that health information.

To evaluate health information on breast cancer, depression, obesity, and childhood asthma available through English- and Spanish-language search engines and Web sites.
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Delivering quality-evaluated healthcare information in the era of Web 2.0: design implications for Intute: Health and Life Sciences

Abbott R. Health Informatics Journal, 16(1)

The internet, though an invaluable and ubiquitous resource for health-related information, is perceived as being undermined by concerns about quality and reliability. Some recent developments, by permitting so-called user-generated content to be published on the internet, exacerbate these concerns. The impact of these developments, mostly characterized as Web 2.0, on the use of healthcare educational and information resources is explored in this article.
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A comparison of websites from Spanish, American and British hospitals

Llinás, Gilberto et al, Methods of Information in Medicine, 47(2)

To evaluate and compare the user-orientation of Spanish, American and British hospital websites.
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What do UK children’s hospital websites offer patients and families?

Mukhopadhyay, Rajlakshmi Sohini et al, Archives of Disease in Childhood, 93(2)

The internet increasingly serves as an important health information resource for patients and their families. Research in the United States of America has identified problems with both the quality and content of leading children’s hospital websites.
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Trying to measure the quality of health information on the internet: is it time to move on?

Deshpande, Amol, and Alejandro R. Jadad, The Journal of Rheumatology, 36(1)

The Internet has forever changed the way we access and obtain health information. In 2006, the Pew Internet & American Life Project estimated that almost 80% of Internet users had searched for online health information, with medical diseases, health problems, medical treatment, and nutrition being the most popular topics.
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Use of an Internet “Viral” Marketing Software Platform in Health Promotion

Gosselin, Pierre, and Philippe Poitras, J Med Internet Res, 10(4)

Health-related websites have become a common tool for public health authorities to inform the general public of their health promotion information and programs. However, building traffic in the cluttered health Internet universe is becoming increasingly complex, costly, and challenging for governmental health promotion websites. In 2006, the Canadian Health Network (CHN), a cooperative program made up of the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and some 20 health non-governmental organizations (NGOs), was looking for an affordable marketing tool for the promotion of its website and contents to specific populations.
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eHealth Trends in Europe 2005-2007: A Population-Based Survey

Kummervold PE et al, J Med Internet Res, 10(4)

In the last decade, the number of Internet users worldwide has dramatically increased. People are using the Internet for various health-related purposes. It is important to monitor such use as it may have an impact on the individual’s health and behavior, patient-practitioner roles, and on general health care provision.
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Online pediatric information seeking among mothers of young children: results from a qualitative study using focus groups

Bernhardt, Jay M., and Elizabeth M. Felter, J Med Internet Res, 6(1)

Pre-natal and post-natal periods are times when many women actively seek health information from multiple sources, including the Internet. However, little is known about how pregnant women and mothers of young children seek and process online pediatric health information.
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