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December, 2014


Patient access to complex chronic disease records on the Internet

Bartlett C et al, BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 12(1)

Access to medical records on the Internet has been reported to be acceptable and popular with patients, although most published evaluations have been of primary care or office-based practice. We tested the feasibility and acceptability of making unscreened results and data from a complex chronic disease pathway (renal medicine) available to patients over the Internet in a project involving more than half of renal units in the UK.

Content and presentation of the Renal PatientView (RPV) system was developed with patient groups. It was designed to receive information from multiple local information systems and to require minimal extra work in units. After piloting in 4 centres in 2005 it was made available more widely. Opinions were sought from both patients who enrolled and from those who did not in a paper survey, and from staff in an electronic survey. Anonymous data on enrolments and usage were extracted from the webserver.
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It’s a great idea and workable

Turner AN et al, BMJ, 341

In the same population as Greenhalgh and colleagues report an unimpressive response to HealthSpace, more than 11 000 UK renal patients are active users of an online system Renal PatientView (www.renalpatientview.org; www.renal.org/rpv), which allows them to see live unscreened test results, with information about their diagnosis and treatment, and in many centres also clinic letters.
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Development and Validation of an Electronic Health Record-Based Chronic Kidney Disease Registry

Navaneethan SD et al, Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, 2010

Background and objectives:
Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is increasing, and outcomes-related research from diverse health care settings is needed to target appropriate efforts and interventions. We developed an electronic health record (EHR)-based CKD registry at the Cleveland Clinic and validated comorbid conditions.
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Computerized Decision Support for Medication Dosing in Renal Insufficiency: A Randomized, Controlled Trial

Terrell KM et al, Annals of Emergency Medicine, 2010

Study objective
Emergency physicians prescribe several discharge medications that require dosage adjustment for patients with renal disease. The hypothesis for this research was that decision support in a computerized physician order entry system would reduce the rate of excessive medication dosing for patients with renal impairment.
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[Telemedicine: An unfruitful experience of tele-expertise in nephrology.]

Alamartine, Eric et al, Presse Médicale, 2010

We developed a new system of medical tele-expertise to improve detection and care of chronic renal failure by way of a better communication between general practitioners and specialists. It has been known for long that the incidence of chronic renal failure is increasing while cost of its treatment is very high. Unfortunately, late referral of patients with kidney diseases remains around 30%. Our goal was to help physicians to get access to nephrologists, hence to improve the cure of renal diseases. An early treatment of nephropathies may avoid the evolution to the stage of dialysis.
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Nephrologists Using Social Media Connect with Far-Flung Colleagues, Health Care Consumers

Victorian, Brande, Nephrology Times, 3(1)

Recommendations for electronic medical record providers, commentary on the latest medical research, and opinions on movies and sports are just a few of the topics being discussed by nephrologists on Twitter.
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The role of specialists in managing the health of populations with chronic illness: the example of chronic kidney disease

Lee, Brian J., and Ken Forbes, BMJ, 339

Specialty care has been used to manage individual patients at the discretion of generalists but not to drive improvements at the population level.

Observational longitudinal study.
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Renal quality outcomes framework and eGFR: impact on secondary care

Phillips, L. A. et al, QJM, 102(6)

The prognostic significance of impaired renal function has driven the need for its early recognition and the widespread introduction of the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) reporting, and the incorporation of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in the revised Quality Outcomes Framework (QOF) of the General Medical Services (GMS) contract in the UK.
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