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December, 2014

patient provider communication

What does an e-mail address add? – Doing health and technology at home

Andreassen HK. Social Science & Medicine, 2010

There is increasing interest in using electronic mail and other electronic health technologies (e-health technologies) in patient follow-ups. This study sheds light on patients’ reception of provider-initiated e-health in their everyday environments. In a research project carried out in Norway (2005-2007), an electronic address for a hospital dermatology ward was offered to 50 patient families for improved access to expert advice from the patients’ homes. Drawing on semi-structured interviews with 12 families, this paper explores how the electronic address was integrated into everyday health practice. The research illuminates how the electronic address did not only represent changes related to treatment procedures and frequency or nature of expert contact; it was also important to other practices in the everyday lives of the families of patients with chronic illness.
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Issues and questions to consider in implementing secure electronic patient-provider web portal communications systems

Wakefield DS et al, International Journal of Medical Informatics, 2010

Patients are increasingly interested in using Internet-based technologies to communicate with their providers, schedule clinic visits, request medication refills, and view their medical records electronically. However, healthcare organizations face significant challenges in providing such highly personal and sensitive communication in an effective and user-friendly manner.
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Increasing the use of e-consultation in primary care: Results of an online survey among non-users of e-consultation

Nijland N et al, International Journal of Medical Informatics, 78(10)

To identify factors that can enhance the use of e-consultation in primary care. We investigated the barriers, demands and motivations regarding e-consultation among patients with no e-consultation experience (non-users).
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Evaluation of internet-based technology for supporting self-care: problems encountered by patients and caregivers when using self-care applications

Nijland N et al, J Med Internet Res, 10(2)

Prior studies have shown that many patients are interested in Internet-based technology that enables them to control their own care. As a result, innovative eHealth services are evolving rapidly, including self-assessment tools and secure patient-caregiver email communication. It is interesting to explore how these technologies can be used for supporting self-care.
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