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December, 2014

point of care

Development of a clinical information tool for the electronic medical record: a case study

Epstein BA et al, Journal of the Medical Library Association, 98(3)

What is the process of developing a clinical information tool to be embedded in the electronic health record of a very large and diverse academic medical center?

The development took place at the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System.
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Failure to provide clinicians useful IT systems: opportunities to leapfrog current technologies

Ball MJ et al, Methods of Information in Medicine, 47(1)

To discuss why clinical information systems are failing.

Subjectively analyzing the development of clinical IT systems during the last decades.
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Transforming to a computerized system for nursing care: organizational success within Magnet idealism

Lindgren CL et al, Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 28(2)

In reaching the goal for standardized, quality care, a not-for-profit healthcare system consisting of seven institutional entities is transforming nursing practice guidelines, patient care workflow, and patient documents into electronic, online, real-time modalities for use across departments and all healthcare delivery entities of the system. Organizational structure and a strategic plan were developed for the 2-year Clinical Transformation Project. The Siemens Patient Care Document System was adopted and adapted to the hospitals’ documentation and information needs. Two fast-track sessions of more than 100 nurses and representatives from other health disciplines were held to standardize assessments, histories, care protocols, and interdisciplinary plans of care for the top 10 diagnostic regulatory groups.
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To Cart or Not to Cart

Goedert, Joseph, Health Data Management, 17(7)

As hospitals strive to provide doctors and nurses with better access to clinical information systems at the point of care, they’re considering whether to use mobile computer carts or some other hardware option, such as hand-held computers or wall-mounted PCs.
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Hospitals Tune up Cart Strategies

Anderson, Howard J., Health Data Management, 17(2)

Hospitals are having a tough time recruiting and retaining nurses. So they’re on the lookout for ways to improve nurses’ efficiency. One important step involves cutting the time nurses waste walking around in search of all the equipment and information they need.
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Organizational effects of information and communication technology (ICT) in elderly homecare: a case study

Vimarlund V et al, Health Informatics Journal, 14(3)

The use of information and communication technology (ICT) to support integrated healthcare services in elderly homecare is becoming more established. In particular, ICT can enable information exchange, knowledge sharing and documentation at the point-of-care (POC). The aim of this study was to explore these effects using the Old@Home prototype. Old@Home was perceived to contribute in developing horizontal links for communication between individuals who work together, independent of geographical distance or organizational affiliation, and to contribute to increased work efficiency.
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Functional and Technological Description of a Real-Time Data Management System for Telehealthcare

Fernández, Fabiola et al, Medical and Care Compunetics 5, 2008

In health systems, there has been an emergence of new types of data and new technologies that allow continuously monitoring the status of the patients and make easy the achievement of real time information. The storage of all the acquired information makes possible to identify trends in medical data by means of new Clinical Decision Support subsystems.
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