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December, 2014

policy making

A consensus action agenda for achieving the national health information infrastructure

Yasnoff, William A. et al, J Am Med Inform Assoc, 11(4)

Improving the safety, quality, and efficiency of health care will require immediate and ubiquitous access to complete patient information and decision support provided through a National Health Information Infrastructure (NHII).
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The case for public ownership of patient data

Rodwin, Marc A., JAMA, 302(1)

The allocation of $19 billion by the US Congress to promote the adoption of electronic medical records makes feasible the collection of aggregate patient data that could vastly improve patient safety, public health monitoring, and medical knowledge. The US Food and Drug Administration could ascertain the percentage of patients who experienced adverse reactions from a specific drug, then warn physicians or take other action.
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Failure of electronic medical records in Canada: a failure of policy or a failure of technology?

Keshavjee, Karim et al, Advances in Information Technology and Communication in Health, 2009

This paper utilizes three frameworks described in the literature to better understand the reasons why Canada lags other OECD countries in EMR implementation.
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