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December, 2014

referral and consultation

A cluster randomized trial in general practice with referral to a group-based or an internet-based smoking cessation programme

Pisinger, Charlotta et al, Journal of Public Health, 32(1)

Reviews state that there is a room for improvements of smoking cessation (SC) intervention in general practice.
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Computer support for shared care of diabetes: findings from a Danish case

Bødker, Keld, and Maren Fich Granlien, eHealth Beyond the Horizon - Get IT There, 2008

Shared care has been announced as an effective model for care of chronic diseases. In the paper we discuss various facets of IT support for shared care of diabetes. Based on an empirical study of a project in Denmark we identify various challenges involved with IT support of shared care; structural problems and lack of attention to general practitioners’ practice and to clarify the meaning of shared care in the actual project.
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The use of telemedicine to aid in assessing patients prior to aeromedical retrieval to a tertiary referral centre

Mathews KA et al, J Telemed Telecare, 14(6)

We evaluated the effect of telemedicine compared with traditional telephone conversations when evaluating patients for aeromedical retrieval. A convenience sample of consecutive patients referred for retrieval from Palm Island over a six-month period was compared retrospectively with patients referred during the previous six months. There was a significant difference (P = 0.014) in the number of patients referred in the telemedicine period (113) compared to the previous six months (78), which may have been a seasonal fluctuation.
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Telemedicine can improve the health of youths in detention

Fox, Karen C., and Anna Lyn Whitt, J Telemed Telecare, 14(6)

Young people in correctional care facilities often have physical or psychological disorders that contribute to their behavioural problems. In the US, the need for medical services in youth facilities far exceeds current resources, especially for paediatric mental health and specialty services. There is obvious potential for telemedicine to improve access to care and thus the level of health care for juvenile detainees.
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Improving Healthcare Services using Web Based Platform for Management of Medical Case Studies

Ogescu, Cristina et al, Medical and Care Compunetics 5, 2008

The paper presents a web based platform for management of medical cases, support for healthcare specialists in taking the best clinical decision. Research has been oriented mostly on multimedia data management, classification algorithms for querying, retrieving and processing different medical data types (text and images).
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Mobile teledermatology: a feasibility study of 58 subjects using mobile phones

Ebner, Christoph et al, J Telemed Telecare, 14(1)

We investigated the diagnostic agreement between teledermatology based on images from a mobile phone camera and face-to-face (FTF) dermatology. Diagnostic agreement was assessed for two teledermatologists (TD) in comparison with FTF consultations in 58 subjects. In almost three-quarters of the cases (TD1: 71%; TD2: 76%), the telediagnosis was fully concordant with the FTF diagnosis. Furthermore, the diagnosed diseases were almost all in the same diagnostic category (TD1: 97%; TD2: 90%). If mobile teledermatology had been used for remote triage, TD1 could have treated 53% subjects remotely and 47% subjects would have had to consult a dermatologist FTF.
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