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December, 2014


Wearable sensors: opportunities and challenges for low-cost health care

Fletcher RR et al, Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2010

Wearable sensors enable long-term continuous physiological monitoring, which is important for the treatment and management of many chronic illnesses, neurological disorders, and mental health issues. Examples include: diabetes, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), depression, drug addition, and anxiety disorders.
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Systematic review of home telemonitoring for chronic diseases: the evidence base

Paré G et al, J Am Med Inform Assoc, 14(3)

Home telemonitoring represents a patient management approach combining various information technologies for monitoring patients at distance. This study presents a systematic review of the nature and magnitude of outcomes associated with telemonitoring of four types of chronic illnesses: pulmonary conditions, diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases.
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Implementation of Wireless Body Area Networksfor Healthcare Systems

Yuce MR. Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, 2010

This work describes the implementation of a complete Wireless Body-Area Network (WBAN) system to deploy in medical environments. Issues related to hardware implementations, software and wireless protocol designs are addressed. In addition to reviewing and discussing the current attempts in wireless body area network technology, a WBAN system that has been designed for healthcare applications will be presented in detail herein. The wireless system in the WBAN uses medical bands to obtain physiological data from sensor nodes.
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Mobile health monitoring systems

Walker, William et al, Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2009

Advancements are being made towards a cheap and effective means for health monitoring. A mobile monitoring system is proposed for monitoring a bicycle rider using light weight, low power wireless sensors. Biometric and environmental information pertaining to the bicycle rider is captured, transmitted to, and stored in a remote database with little user interaction required.
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Telemedizin in der Schlaganfall-Akutversorgung – eine gesundheitsökonomische Bestandsaufnahme

Günzel, F. et al, Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift, 135(3)

Specialized stroke units offer optimal treatment of patients with an acute stroke. Unfortunately, their installation is limited by an acute lack of experienced neurologists and the small number of stroke patients in sparsely populated rural areas. This problem is increasingly being solved by the use of telemedicine, so that neurological expertise is made available to basic and regular care. It has been demonstrated by national and international pilot studies that solidly based and rapid decisions can be made by telemedicine regrading the use of thrombolysis, as the most important acute treatment, but also of other interventions. So far studies have only evaluated improvement in the quality of care achieved by networking, but not of any lasting effect on any economic benefit. Complementary to a medical evaluation, the qualitative economic assessment presented here of German and American concepts of telemetric care indicate no difference in efficacy between various ways of networking.
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Bridging the Self-care Deficit Gap: Remote Patient Monitoring and the Hospital-at-Home

Cafazzo, Joseph A. et al, Electronic Healthcare, 66-73, 2009

This study examines the use of a remote patient monitoring intervention to address the challenge of patient self-care in complex hospital-at-home therapies.
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Non-invasive monitoring of the activities of daily living of elderly people at home – a pilot study of the usage of domestic appliances

Franco, Georgina Corte et al, J Telemed Telecare, 14(5)

We conducted a feasibility study of a system for non-invasive monitoring of subjects at home. Electrical activity was recorded from room lights and from electrical domestic appliances; this was translated into the probability of physical activity or a particular Activity of Daily Living (ADL). Thirteen volunteer subjects were monitored for a period of 6.4 months (range 3-8).
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An Assisted-Living Home Architecture with Integrated Healthcare Services for Elderly People

Marsh, Andrew J et al, Medical and Care Compunetics 5, 2008

Since the population of elderly people grows absolutely and in relation to the overall population in the world, the improvement of the quality of life of elderly people at home is of a great importance. This can be achieved through the development of generic technologies for managing their domestic ambient environment consisting of medical sensors, entertainment equipment, home automation systems and white goods, increasing their autonomy and safety.
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Functional and Technological Description of a Real-Time Data Management System for Telehealthcare

Fernández, Fabiola et al, Medical and Care Compunetics 5, 2008

In health systems, there has been an emergence of new types of data and new technologies that allow continuously monitoring the status of the patients and make easy the achievement of real time information. The storage of all the acquired information makes possible to identify trends in medical data by means of new Clinical Decision Support subsystems.
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Design and Development of a Knowledge driven Web based ECG Data monitoring and Diagnostic Tool in Lab-view

Singh, H.R., and Manju Singh, Medical and Care Compunetics 5, 2008

Knowledge driven technological developments, the growth and speed of application oriented products in the field of web based services, medical technology and information science, the use of sensor networks for remote patient monitoring is currently playing a major role in quality healthcare delivery to the masses. However, further research need to be done for more effective diagnosis and treatment of diseases remotely.
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Mobile e-health: the unwired evolution of telemedicine

Tachakra, Sapal et al, Telemedicine and e-Health, 9(3)

The movement of telemedicine from desktop platforms to wireless and mobile configurations may have a significant impact on future health care. This paper reviews some of the latest technologies in wireless communication and their application in health care.
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