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December, 2014


Data Hemorrhages in the Health-Care Sector

Johnson ME. Financial Cryptography and Data Security, 2009

Confidential data hemorrhaging from health-care providers pose financial risks to firms and medical risks to patients. We examine the consequences of data hemorrhages including privacy violations, medical fraud, financial identity theft, and medical identity theft. We also examine the types and sources of data hemorrhages, focusing on inadvertent disclosures. Through an analysis of leaked files, we examine data hemorrhages stemming from inadvertent disclosures on internet-based file sharing networks.
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Lessons Learned from a Privacy Breach at an Academic Health Science Centre

Malonda, Jacqueline et al, Healthcare Quarterly, 12(1)

In 2007, the Hospital for Sick Children experienced a serious privacy breach when a laptop computer containing the personal health information of approximately 3,000 patients and research subjects was stolen from a physician-researcher’s vehicle.
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